Parent volunteers:  It is that time of the year when we are all brushing the cobwebs off from last season in preparation for a new competition season. 

Scorekeepers:  Your two chances to refresh or get educated about scorekeeping starts this Sunday, the 30th with the other clinic on Saturday, May 6th.

Judges, Coaches & Team Reps:  Rules Clinics (of which there are 3 scheduled dates Sat. May 6, Sun. May 12, and Sun. May 19th.  Plan to attend one of the two earlier clinics as May 19th will be standing room only...based on many years of past performances.

Coaches and whoever else from your team puts the meet entries together: Swimtopia software clinic is Saturday, May 19th.

New Head Coaches clinic is also Saturday, May 19th BEFORE the Swimtopia software clinic.

For more detailed information from the banner above click on CLINICS and click on  the clinics you are interested in attending.

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