Isn't It Wonderful?

What a great opportunity for our swimmers to be able to compete against other swimmers from different divisions!  Once again every MSSL team is represented at the biggest meet of the summer--MSSL ALL STARS!  Come ready to swim fast, have fun, and you parents to step up and volunteer showing your child that what they love to do, you also think is important enough to take part!  As a former teacher I know how proud your child is when you support their interests.  Thank you for taking an active role in your child's life.  Oh yes.....don't forget to bring CASH or that old-fashioned, antique CHECK BOOK to the meet.  Unfortunately we do NOT accept credit cards at the All Star Sales area.  Don't disappoint your swimmer who worked hard to get to All Stars by not being prepared with CASH or a CHECK on Wednesday.

However, the food trucks accept credit cards.  I have lined up Slider Provider, a food truck that was voted best food truck in San Antonio.  Mister Softee will be working to offer some delicious, cold treats for you too.  We're ooking forward to seeing each and everyone of you there!

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