Parents & Swimmers,

The league worked around Memorial Day, 4th of July, and a late ending school year putting together a schedule that works for MOST swimmers in 2018.  We are giving you an early heads-up for next summer.  Please make your vacation plans to begin AFTER the summer league season ends.  The 2018 season information:

Monday, May 7th teams MAY begin in-the water practices, but do not have to

Meet Week 1: Friday 6/1 - Friday 6/8 Most of the meets held on Friday night 6/1 and Saturday morning 6/2 to avoid school nights

Meet Week 2: Saturday 6/9 - Friday 6/15

Meet Week 3: Saturday 6/16 - Friday 6/22

Meet Week 4: Saturday 6/23 - Friday 6/29

Division Championships: Saturday 6/30 Division 2 in the a.m. & Division 4 in the p.m. @ Palo Alto Natatorium

Division Championships: Sunday 7/1 Division 3 in the a.m. & Division 1 in the p.m. @ Palo Alto Natatorium

All-Star Meet: Thursday 7/5 @ Palo Alto Natatorium

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