MSSL SWIM FAMILIES: The MSSL Board has just concluded our final board meeting to prepare for the upcoming summer swim season. We know that you are curious about what is to happen and how different it might be this summer than in previous seasons. The MSSL is taking a cautiously optimistic approach to the 2020 season in lieu of what is currently taking place. We are moving forward with plans as usual, but are prepared to make changes if necessary. The league will be in contact with your Team Reps every 2 weeks. We advised teams today to go ahead and open registration as usual. Volunteers--such as meet refs, starters, judges, and scorekeepers--will still be required to attend clinics. If any changes are to take place, we will let teams know NLT May 1st what those changes are. It could be something as simple as starting the season 2 weeks later than normal. Your Team Rep will keep in contact with your HOA Board, or whatever entity your team swims at, to ensure the pool will remain open this summer.

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